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LearnPad Essential Training Videos

We understand that sometimes you need a quick reminder of how to use key features of your LearnPad tablets. That’s why we’ve created some short training videos to refresh your memory. In these videos, we run through everything from how to turn your devices on to how you can save work to ClassCloud and control student LearnPads.

Finding your way around LearnPad

Let’s start with the real basics: what is this LearnPad thing and how does it work?

The LearnPad interface is a little different from the tablets you may have used at home because it’s been designed specifically for education, so it’s worth making sure you know your way around it.

Control and view LearnPads using the Dashboard

In this video, find out how to remotely control the LearnPads in your classroom using the Dashboard commands, and how to view screens in real time.

An introduction to ClassCloud

ClassCloud is our free, secure cloud-based storage for your school. Find out how pupils can send their work to ClassCloud and how you can access it.

Getting started for teachers QR Key

DON’T FORGET! You can also watch our training videos on your LearnPad by launching the Getting Started for Teachers Lesson Profile. Just click on the QR Key to the left and scan with your tablet.